3 March 2014


Hey you guys! How are you? Hope everyone out there are doing fine. First of all I'm really sorry because I'm kinda delaying the 3rd chapter of "Budak Gerai". I'm really own you guys an apology.

Back to our topic, "Should you masturbate naked?". Hahaha... Actuallly I just watched the video below on Youtube and I found it is really funny. It's also reminded me about my college life back then when I was living in a dorm room.


Hahaha, is kinda funny of how the guy decide if he need to naked or not. I know many college guys even you are straight or gay love to masturbate so much when you were in college. It kinda thing you must do because you are in the middle of nowhere,  you stuck with your study things and there's no media entertainment.

When I was in college, I did masturbate a lot. It is like a list to do at least one per week. I know for many guys, it's hard to fuck yourself in a dorm room when your roommates is always there. So I'm gonna show you some tips of how to masturbate naked in your share dorm room without your roommates find out about it.

1) Know your roommates timetable and schedule. It is always important to know where they go and where they will be back to the room, so you will have some great time fucking yourself without anyone bothering you.

2) Know their status, are they single or not? If they have a girlfriend in a same college or not? This kinda important because if they have a girlfriend who attend in the same college, your roommates must be spend their time out there a lot more than in a crappy dorm.

3) Always be nice to your roommates. Mean have a great conversation, change experience and emotional memory together with your roommates. So, when they left the room, they will not suspicious about you will up for no good in the room.

4) Always have a tissue so you can clean up what was left on the floor. Don't left some evidence. If your spill a lot at your bed, make sure you take it out the bedding sheet and also the pillow case together so your roommates wouldn't ask and don't get suspicious toward your behavior. If they ask something about why you taking out your bed sheet, just make a smart argument, tell them that it was smelly and you decide to watch it anyway.

If your roommates is fall for all the tips above, they definitely a geek and doesn't get it. Lucky me I had a wonderful roommates who is cool and understand about my situation. When I feel horny and want to masturbate, I just ask their permission and then go behind the locker. I also bring my own lubricant and I let them using it sometimes. I switch off the light, it only takes a couple of minutes until I cum. After that, I just wipe it with the tissue and I tell them I'm done. Just simple as that.

So, I hope you guys learn something. If you scare and don't want to get caught, just don't do it. Masturbate isn't good for your health. Go out and hangout with your friends, get to know new people around you, or find some new hobby. It will make your life more cheerful and enjoyable. Insyaallah.

Sorry, I just try a new thing here, which is to write my entry in English. I know it sound really weird and my grammar is kinda average, but I just try. If you have something to share or comment, just live your words below.


  1. Thank God you write this in English, if you like accidentally wrote this entry in Bahasa, well, it would cause quite trouble. I mean not trouble trouble but the word choice would be so much different right? I believe your english is good. Do not worry. Love your writing. Keep writing.

    1. actually after you comment this entry, i am kinda read all back again... and i found some mistake like i writing "I" (saya) using small later n some of stupid word appear and came out of nowhere... and i will correct them back now.... tq for reading