29 September 2014


Nowadays, many people want to do the easiest thing in their life that can give them a lot of benefits. internet is an international computer networks that can connect people by using their computers, with the other computers worldwide (Oxford, 2005). Internet is also the one of the importance things to people who wants to have the better lifestyle. There are some advantages that people will receive by using the internet which include searching for information, using it for communication, online shopping and self-learning.

One of the advantages of using the internet is for searching the information. The internet is a universal medium for a lot of information. Users can easily search for any kind of information on any variety of topics easily by typing a word or two using the searching engine provided on the internet. Based on an article in Majalah PC from January to December 2005, had stated that people who surf the internet can easily do research or getting further information according to their interest topic. The most common search engines that are popular nowadays include Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By using those searching engines, people can find any kind of things such as news, sports, global current issues, and entertainment.

Three of the most use search engines on the internet.

Another advantage of using the internet is people can do 24 hours of non-stopping communication worldwide. Based on an article from www.pondered.com, retrieved on February 11, 2009, stated that with the internet, people can stay connected with their family and friends anytime and everywhere by using e-mail, instant messenger, and video conference. It is also can save a lot of users time and money because nowadays, there are a lot of networks coverage worldwide and it is much easier because they just only need to sit in front of their personal computers, notebooks, or even smartphones, and they can directly keep in touch with their love ones. There are many websites, blogs, and applications offer on the internet such as Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Skype, so that people can stay connected with their family and friends anytime and anywhere they want to.

Skype is on of the best applications for video call since it was released in 2003. Now u can use this application even with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Shopping through online is another advantage that people will get by using the iInternet. Based on an article from www.pondered.com, retrieved on February 11, 2009, stated that users can easily go shopping online because there are many online stores and sites that users can surf to look for products as well as buy them using their own credit card or online banking such as Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, and RHB Now. Users also don't need to leave their house and can do all the shopping activities through their personal computer. In addition, users also can buy things that unavailable and hardly to find in the marketplaces by shopping online and purchase it directly from the seller. It is also will save a lot of cost such as their money and time. There are many shopping websites are currently famous in Malaysia such as Lazada, Mudah, and Lelong that offer many products to sell from new to pre-loved items. Users also can visit the official website of the product that they wish to buy and get the the latest information about it directly.

The no.1 online marketplace in Malaysia. It is now also available for Apple and Android users.

Last but not least, people can do their self-learning via the internet. By browsing to some online self-learning website, people can easily do their study by doing some online exercises and make a conference with other people to share their suggestion on the specific topic by using the internet. The benefit of self-learning via the internet has allowed many people who don't have a chance to buy a very expensive book or go to the extra classes to do some extra exercise for free without paying any dollar. Based on an article from www.study-tips.org, retrieved on February 11, 2009, stated that now, people from all over the world can easily study wherever they are  and no need to expanse a lot of money to get the knowledge that they want.

Children can learn many things at home using the internet in their casual way.

In conclusion, people will receive a lot of advantages by using the internet like searching for information, using for communication, online shopping and do their self-learning. Even though the internet give a lot of benefits to the people, there are still have some problem with the security that can cause users computers such as virus attack that can easily harm the computer's systems and will cause damage to their programs. Another problem with the internet is children are too expose with thousands of pornographic sites that can be easily found and can be a detriment to letting children use the internet without adults supervise. We also need to expose the usage of the internet to the rural people because if they are getting involve with the internet lifestyle, they will have a lot of benefits and make their life routine much more easy.

Parental guidance is need while children are using the internet.

(Post script: This article was originally written by me and my bromance in 9th April 2009 for one of our courses in our university back then. By the way, we've got the highest mark for this article (kalau korang rasa English kitorang berterabur, korang mesti dapat bayangkan classmates aku yang lain lagi teruk Englishnya, hahahaha). Couple of the words and sentences above have been changed due to in line the growth of technologies nowadays.)


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